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Special Education Teacher Training Autism: Phase 1

Date: March 24, 2017

Phase 1- Autism project completed!!

We advised you in February that we had arranged and funded a residential training for seven teachers (who are already working with Special needs children in the North and East of Sri Lanka) at Sankalp (a reputable training providers for Autism) in Chennai. We are delighted to announce that they have now successfully completed their training.

Entering the second phase of this project, a few of these trained teachers will in turn train further teachers at Special Need Children centres and schools. Not only that, but some of them will take a greater interest in helping the parents with autistic children.

As you know, April is the Autism Awareness month, and we are aiming to run an awareness program in the North of Sri Lanka. We thank the doctors, psychiatrists, teachers, Govt officers and everyone else who have helped us and continue to support us in this important project.

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