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One-Off Projects

We receive a variety of requests throughout the year for support with specific projects across North Sri Lanka.

We believe that ensuring vulnerable individuals get support with adequate food, education, sanitary hygiene and the right tools and equipment to help them better their lives, is vital. We prioritise our funds for these projects, whilst ensuring we can help support other projects too.

A few of our past projects include:

  • The digging of tube wells and plumbing water tanks & toilets for pre-schools
  • Repairing school buildings and playgrounds
  • Providing children with school bags
  • Helping children with terminal illnesses
  • Providing bicycles so children can get to school
  • Delivering computers and laptops to schools
  • Disaster relief funds

Band equipment for pre school

Bicycle for girls

Computer for primary schools

Dry food delivery

Help for cancer children

Help to elders

Livelihood project


School bag delivery

Shoes delivery

Volunteer program

Water project

Unfortunately, we cannot do all of the projects but try our best to do as many as we can. With your help, we can help more vulnerable individuals. Please can you help us fund part of a project?

Could you help fund this?

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